Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bay of Fundy

Camped at Five Islands Campground in Nova Scotia last  night right on the rim of the Ocean. Beautiful spot where we watched folks dig for crabs during the low tides. When we arrived the tide was on it's way out, so we were able to see it at its lowest point. In the bottom right photo the tide was out past the islands in the distance.

We never did see the tide at its highest as it was around midnight when that happened. Listened to the waves lap on the seawall outside our abode most of the nite. They were so loud. It sounded like they were coming right up to our RV. As you can see in the next photo, our RV was parked about 30 ft from the edge of the cliff and you can see where the water has eroded the cliff bank. I just knew we would be swept away by morning!

One of the islands in our view (island on right with a hole on the side) was bought by a wealthy man from California and he built a 2 million dollar house on it to draw artists and eccentrics to the island, but no one is coming so he now has it on the market for 5 million.  If we had stayed around for a few days I would have inflated our kayak and paddled out to it to explore. But no, we trudged on the next port of call at Hopewell Rocks.

Stay tuned for Hopewell in the next adventure . . .

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