Monday, September 01, 2014

Hopewell Cape at the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick

Hopewell Rocks . . .

Spent the afternoon visiting Hopewell Rocks. Saw both the high tide as well as the low tide and it was fascinating. We walked on the ocean floor and took tons of pics. Guy is much more photogenic than I am, so you will always see more pics of him than myself. Look at the different colors in the rock behind him. And of course in the picture to the left you will see the 
7 level staircase that we had to traverse to get to the bottom. Funny thing is that you would think the bottom of the sea floor would be muddy and dirty, but no, it wasn't. The bottom is mostly rock and very hard packed dirt.

Danger Signs written in English and French
Note the signs above. I found the warning signs interesting. There are stories of people being caught down below by the high tides. I can certainly understand how this happens. You can walk for quiet some distance up and down the coast. If you lose track of time, you are going to get stuck down there. They tell you to find the tallest rock you can find and stay there till the tide recedes. Don't think I would want to be caught - especially at night.

Camping tonight . . .

Spending the night at Ponderosa Pines Campground next door. It's a nice clean place with a little pond to float your boat and you can also see the ocean from the campground too. Spaces are not too close and they are level and our little RV looks like a dot among the "big boys". Below are some of the little wildflowers found at the campground. 

Things on my list to do - I still need to pick up a souvenir before we leave Canada. I'm looking for a good hoodie and some hat pins (which I have not seen anywhere). 

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