Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cape Breton Bound

We stayed another night at Wal-Mart in Amherst, Nova Scotia sitting amid about four other RV's on the way to Cape Breton. A long drive down a coastal road thru Pictou and onto Cape Breton the following day. 
However, we spent last night in Adventures East Campground outside of Baddeck, NS on Cape Breton. It was a small campground where we were able to do the laundry and met a lady from Quebec who gave us some tips on where to go on the island, but of course we didn't follow them. I wish we had followed the tip about just going to the Cheticamp area of Cape Breton instead of traveling the whole route. Again this was a rough route in our little RV and very long. I managed to get off a few good pics, but I'm not sure the drive and wear and tear was worth it. Guy was not feeling well on the trip around the Cape. He had a loose tooth that was killing him. 

We did finally find a place this morning to have a wonderful breakfast of blueberry pancakes at a roadside restaurant, Lobster Galley Restaurant & St. Ann's Motel, at the very beginning of the Cabot Trail which was on the counterclockwise route. The restaurant sits right on the St Ann's Harbour as you leave Hwy 105, and this is where I spotted my first ever bald eagle in flight. He flew within 30 feet of where we sat overlooking the harbour. Amazing! The above photos are of the beginning trip around the Cabot Trail. Photos below are various sights including a beautiful church, mountain peaks, valleys and ocean. Unbelievably beautiful place! You can see different atmospheres in the pictures depending on the time of day they were taken. Early morning light created a hazy, moody glow and the afternoon brought blue skies with patches of fluffy clouds. We even experienced a bit of rain. All this in one day on the Cabot Trail.

Tonight we will spend the evening in a Wal-Mart at Port Hawksbury where Guy did pull his tooth. He's going to have to break down and have some mouth work done when we get back home. He's put it off long enough. And Whoopee, I have wifi here at Wal-Mart again. Nova Scotia is really good about putting CAP stations across the area to allow tourists to get wifi and the Wal-Marts are great places for hooking on. It is actually called Nova Scotia Community Access Program, or NSCAP for short.

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