Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anticipating Spring

Too much snow!!! I've already developed cabin fever - and now Spring fever is beginning to show in the things I find myself enthralled in. I'm looking thru seed catalogs and already nurturing plants in the greenhouse till outside planting season begins.  But the draw of the hummingbirds return in April has me guessing and anticipating the date these little creatures once again will alight on my salmon angel salvia flowers. I plant the red and salmon colored flowers each Spring especially for the Hummingbirds and Goldfinches. They look like little angels atop tall stems and the birds just cover the plants, particularly in the late Summer and Fall season. In anticipation of these little beings, I spent some time today just doing a little sketch of my favorite bird.

Friday, February 05, 2010

The snow missed us

The snow missed us this time. Instead we were hit with a huge ice storm. The power keeps blinking on and off, but so far (knock on wood), we still have power.

I must say it is beautiful outside - a winter wonderland. A good day to stay inside, bundled up in front of a fireplace with a good book.

Guy has rigged a line on a pulley system in the back yard to keep our white squirrels from destroying the birdfeeders. The line is encrusted with ice and we can't get it drawn in to remove the ice. Hope it doesn't break.

I the meantime, I'm enjoying the wildlife today and especially the little goldfinches. I love this feeder - it looks like a chandelier or a fancy merry go round with the goldfinches surrounding it. I've also noticed that the goldfinches seem to be getting brighter colors on their heads now - getting ready for spring mating season, I suppose. It is nice to take a day away from your regular work when you can sit back and watch nature at it's finest.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Squirrels playing house

Silly squirrels playing house this morning in the new snow. I have at least 9 white squirrels who frequent my yard and feeders every day. They were absent yesterday. Maybe they were holed up in there nest eating acorns? I don't know. But they are out today in full force. Trying to snap a photo of all of them together is rather difficult. So when I saw these two together, it was a perfect opportunity.

We had about 10 inches of snowfall and the mountain road has not been scraped as yet. Great day to stay home, snuggle in at the picture window and just observe the wonder of nature in my yard.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Turkeys, where were you on Thanksgiving?

My neighbor had a healthy group of wild turkeys atop her fence post today. Not the least bit skittish. They acted like I wasn't even there. I suppose they know that turkey season is over and they felt like I was no threat to them. Hardly a week passes that I don't pass these guys on my trip down or up the mountain.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Reflections and Anticipations

"Great Day In The Morning"! We've made it thru another year and we've got a great new year of exciting possibilities to look forward to. And I do look forward to this time with anticipation for all the wondrous things that lie just around the next corner. The older you get, the more precious the days are (especially if you are in good health). I Thank God for giving me a healthy body and mind to enjoy all that he has placed in my walk of life.

Reflecting on the past few months,I feel so blessed to be reconnecting with my family through Facebook. Relatives I haven't seen for years (including some new ones coming on that I have never met) have enriched my life in numerous ways with their reminiscing and photos from the past. The stories being told could fill a book if I were a writer. But I'm a 'simple person' and my main objective this coming year is to simplify my life and enjoy life a little more - more time for Grandkids, nature walks, photography and artworks.

I need to find a way to keep myself accountable. I've had this blog for a couple of years and it has just been sitting here, gathering dust. I think it is about time to make use of it. This is a brand new year with new adventures, new friends and a world of possibilities. I live on an amazing mountain top with an abundance of wildlife (woodland birds, white squirrels, a resident cougar, bobcat, deer, wild turkeys, etc) for neighbors and I am totally fascinated by these creatures and can spend hours watching them. I hope to record some of my sightings thru art and photography, so if you have any comments or suggestions to make, please feel free to do so.