Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dodge City, KS to Pueblo West, CO

Reproduction of Dodge City
On our Westward Ho II Spring trip . . . pretty uneventful so far. Although we did have to fight the insulation flying from our ceiling on the first night when we turned our fans on. Seems the field mice had somehow got into the ceiling of our RV and had a play day with insulation. It took us two days to get it out and cleaned up from our floor and furnishings. Not a fun thing to have happen. Question now is . . . How did they get in the ceiling? How do we keep them out?

Dodge City . . .
Spent this morning in Dodge City, KS looking around the city . . . or should I say a replica of the original town as it stood back in the late 1800's. It was interesting as we learned a lot of facts that we didn't know about some of the old wild west days.  Such as there were two front streets, one on each side of the railroad tracks. On the North side guns were not allowed and on the South side . . . well, anything goes.
Boot Hill Cemetery . . . is empty . . .
Scarey standing in front of these longhorns
a two-holer
Traveling thru Kansas . . . 
We saw the Santa Fe Trail and traveled it for miles into Colorado on Hwy 50. We decided to take this route instead of an interstate. If you want to see fields of grain, large silos that look like they sit in the middle of the highway from a distance, acres of feed lots for the cattle, then this is the road to take. Not much of anything else on this road. Even the towns look dead except for a few liquor joints for the workers.
Kansas farm
Beautiful skies

Cattle ranches
Grain silos
Arriving in Pueblo West . . .
We arrived in Pueblo West, CO and are staying at Haggards RV Campground. It's a quiet and barren place . . . no trees at all. That's totally new for us coming from the mountains of NC. But it is a good layover place on our way to the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

Haggard Campground