Saturday, August 23, 2014

Acadia National Park, Maine

Traveling Thru Arcadia . . .

While going through Acadia Ntl Park today, some confusion as the signs were not really clear, but after a bad start we finally got turned around right and saw some fantastic scenery. The view from Cadillac Mtn was incredible as were the rocky cliffs along the ocean. Although it was very crowded trying to drive the RV around the narrow road, we made it through in flying colors.

Timberland Acres Campground . . .

We are staying at Timberland Acres in Trenton tonight, just outside of Acadia National Park. This is a huge park. It is clean, though not fancy like some of the parks closer to the National Park, it was relatively cheap compared to the others nearby and we were very lucky to land a spot as all the parks were just about to capacity. And of course there was bingo at the rec center. My advice if you are heading this way during July or August, please make reservations ahead of time. We are flying by the seat of the pants on this trip by not making plans beforehand. So far we have been able to stay in a campground every other night and boondock in between. The weather is great, meaning we don't have to use A/C or heat so boondocking without solar power is easy to do. We have only used the generator a couple of times on this trip.

Exercising . . .

Got my exercise in at the campground this evening. Guy can only walk short spurts as his leg gives him a fit if he pushes it too far. He has a blocked artery in his right leg and keeps putting off surgery. For him the surgery would be very dangerous because he only has one kidney. So he tries to walk a little with me and then lets me go on ahead of him when he has had enough.

Tomorrow we make our last leg of the trip toward the Canadian border at Calais, ME.

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