Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More pictures of main sightings as we traveled toward Canada. A beautiful state to drive through.

Border Crossing . . .

Dropped off our weapons in Calais, ME at a little gun shop for our crossing of the border. Down East Pawn & Gun Shop, great place to store anything with no questions asked. Crossing the border was a breeze. We were told that southerners would be searched thoroughly, but we got through without a hitch. They even let us bring some beer and wine across. We stopped on the road earlier to take our confederate tag off the front of the RV to try to blend in better, but I'm sure the NC tag was a dead give-a-way. Maybe I shouldn't speak too early, as we have to go home eventually.

If you need a welcome center for information, just look for the question mark signs. They are everywhere. We met our first Canadian at a welcome center near Saint John. He spotted our NC license plate and struck up a conversation about the Smokies. He and some of his buddies rode their motorcycles down to the Smokey Mtns back in June and traveled the Dragon's Tail, a winding mountain road that draws thousands of motorcyclists each year. So nice to talk with him.

Gadgets are important when traveling . . .

Back in NH we had to pick up a new Garmin, but we found out that it was not pre-loaded with Canada as the girl behind the counter assured us. Also, our phones don't work up here. So back to Wal-Mart we go while stopping over in Sussex. Exchanging Garmin's was not easy since we had purchased it in the US, but after begging a while we were able to get that out of the way. While Guy dealed with that, I was busy picking up an el cheapo phone that we could use here. We went with Virgin as a carrier since they are also available at home. Their carriers and satelites are totally different here. The ladies at this Wal-Mart worked really well with us - some super nice folks.

I remember a time when a GPS and cell phones were unheard of but it is really hard in today's world to live without these two once you get accustomed to using them. Especially the GPS. It is a real strain trying to depend on maps totally with our modern road system. Heading to Moncton, NB tomorrow and then over to Prince Edward Island.

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