Thursday, May 07, 2015

Pacific Coastal Images and More

Oregon's Pacific Coast
 Traveling Thru Oregon with the Elk . . .
We were heading down the road toward Oregon and we came upon a huge herd of elk at a really picturesque campground along the side of the road. Of course I couldn't contain myself . . . seeing such a large group of elk in the wild had me scrambling for my camera. I honestly didn't know whether to use my wide angle lens or my telephoto lens. I ended up using the wide angle as the elk were all around us and within fairly close proximity. Just wanted to get as much in as I could.
Picturesque Campground with Elk Herd

Elk Herd

Oregon barn on country road

Female, I think

Beach Time . . . 
We spent a little time on the beach. It was cold and windy. The tide was out that morning but quickly coming in as I ended up with soaking wet tennis shoes. Note the sign on the beach with tsunami warnings, large wave and rip current warnings. I guess the large wave caught me.
Cold and Windy Oregon Beach

Warning sign of Tsunami's, large waves and rip currents

Rocky Coastline . . .
Beautiful rocky coastlines with lighthouses abound and we chose to spend the night beside Heceta Head Lighthouse on the coast of Oregon. A rocky outcrop with a pullout was so enticing with the sea lions resting on the rocks below us and the lighthouse with it's searchlight across the bay from us. I have to admit that I didn't sleep well that night. With all the movies and news media reports that we had seen on the Pacific coastal region and the beach sign shown above, I kept envisioning a tsunami engulfing us or an earthquake shaking us apart. Silly, I know. But I think I was also concerned about sticking out so prominently next to the edge of the road and someone stopping by to harass us. In Oregon you are allowed to stay 12 hours as long as you don't call it camping, so we were just enjoying the view - not camping! LOL!!! But morning came and the sea lions woke Guy with their barking below which was quiet loud. And all was safe and sound as we had our breakfast and headed up the road toward the state of Washington.
Rough rocky coast with sea lions on rock ledge
The closest pic I could get of the sea lions with my camera

Western Gull
Heceta Head Lighthouse at Dusk

Sunset at Heceta Head

Border Crossing into Washington . . . 
Crossing the border into the state of Washington took us across the Columbia River. The large bridge looked very old and was undergoing some major repairs that had one lane traffic crossing some parts of the bridge.
Columbia River Bridge

Crossing Columbia River into Washington State
Washington had some beautiful lakes to photograph on the Western end where I managed to pull off a few clicks of the camera.
A Washington State Lake

Another of Washington's beautiful lakes

It was a quick trip through the state as we were headed to Yellowstone to spend a few days.

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