Sunday, May 03, 2015

Utah into Nevada and California

Lake Tahoe

Salt Lake City . . .

Salt Lake City

We are gradually covering all 48 of the continental states and since we had previously toured the National Parks of Utah we opted to go thru Salt Lake City to drive into Nevada and California. We didn't stop in SLC this trip but it looks like a beautiful place to spend a couple of days. We passed a University, casino and some beautiful churches along the way.

One of Salt Lake City's Temples in the distance
Casino along Salt Lake

Salt Lake
One of the many salt operations along the Salt Lake

Morton Salt, as well as meat processing plants have facilities out here that use the salt which comes from the lake. Huge mounds of salt piled high along railroad tracks were spotted  in a couple of different locations.

Bonneville Flats International Raceway . . . 
Bonneville Flats

Bonneville Flats, where world speed records are set, was a stop along the way to Nevada. I found out the flats ARE composed of real salt . . . Yes, I had to taste it! We didn't see anyone actually racing, but the strip is 10 miles long and there was an empty car trailer parked in the parking lot so I can only assume that someone was having a go at it somewhere out there.

Guy and the Bonneville Sign
Me looking like a little ant on the Bonneville Flats

Me and Lexi

Crossing Nevada and Donner Pass . . .  
Nevada was one of the most boring drives yet. I-80 route was our route of choice because we wanted to drive across the Sierra Nevada's where the Donner party crossed into California. What a mountain to cross.
Donner Pass

Lake Tahoe . . . 
Creek outside of Lake Tahoe

 Lake Tahoe was a side trip along the way. It has a beautifully blue lake, but the water level was really low. Also a tourist trap, so we did not stay here. We seem to have this penchant for tourist traps and try for the most part to stay away from them. It did, however, afford some beautiful photo opportunities.

Wood Sculpture at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Dock

Another Dock

Lake from stairway

Large Redwood Pinecones

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