Monday, May 11, 2015

Idaho thru Montana to Yellowstone

Montana Scenery
Leaving Washington for more Adventure . . .
The eastern section of Washington was a rather flat landscape, unlike anything we had imagined. We over nighted at a nice Wal-Mart in Cle Elum, Washington where we started having problems with our generator. Fortunately we really didn't need to use it.
Couer d Alene Lake in Idaho

And then we hit Idaho . . . Oh my, absolutely amazing landscape. Idaho is one state I would like to revisit and spend some time in.

The little bit we saw of Idaho from I-90 was mountains covered with evergreens and some very picturesque farms. I could only imagine what the rest of the state might look like.
Idaho Wildfire


Montana . . .
Montana's campground stay was at West St. Regis Campground in St. Regis. A small campground, nice scenery and very clean, and we were able to catch up on laundry during our stay.  The staff here were super friendly and I would highly recommend this place to anyone. We were woken up one morning with the sound of bugling elk in the field next to our rig. 
Montana Farm

Then Bozeman, Montana was our next destination with an overnight at Wal-Mart. The weather was cool and we were able to use our furnace and still keep the battery power up. That was something new to us. We had never had to use the furnace much without electricity, so this was a bonus for us. We are more self sufficient than we realized.

And Yellowstone . . .

On to Yellowstone . . . the main event for this trip! Some of the roads are being worked on and we had to traverse a washboard to get to our campground. We passed hundreds of acres of burnt forest along the way. I can only assume that most of this acreage was destroyed in the Wildfires of 1988. Many of the pine cone seeds have reseeded and there is a new forest growing on this scorched soil.

Gardiner, Montana at North entrance to Yellowstone

We booked a few nights at Madison Campground which turned out to be quite large and we were able to find a great flat area to park. Of course we had to wait for a large Bison to move out of our site. Guess he thought that place was his as he stayed around for a while.
Large Bison taking over our Camping Site at Madison Campground

Madison Campground

Since it was early in the day and we really didn't want to mess with this large animal, we headed on down to get a glimpse of Old Faithful. The drive from our campground followed a beautiful creek with wildlife and many geysers along the way. We were blessed to arrive at Old Faithful about 15 minutes before it erupted. She erupts about every 90 minutes and shoots up as high as 200 feet in the air. I would say she probably went up about 150 foot and it lasted about 3 minutes. What a sight . . . to see so much hot water flowing upwards. It was cold standing there but no one seemed to mind. All eyes were on Old Faithful. We saw the big lodge while we were there also. Following are a few pics of Old Faithful. Stay tuned to the next installment as we travel across Yellowstone.
Old Faithful before eruption
At eruption - too close for a good shot
Pic of Guy at Old Faithful as it was calming down

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