Tuesday, May 05, 2015

California Farmlands to the Redwood Forests

Pacific Ocean just North of Fort Bragg, California
Entering the Heartland of California . . .
Driving across another mountain range on Hwy 20 to Yuba, CA, was very much like our Blue Ridge Mountains at home.
Redwood Logging Truck
Entering Yuba City with an unusually beautiful young redwood welcoming us
We spent a night at a Wal-Mart in Yuba before driving on to the California coast and the redwoods. Through the mid-section of California we passed orchards, farmland and rice paddy's (of which we had never seen before). As dry as California is supposed to be, they were keeping the fields well irrigated, so hopefully we will have plenty of food for the next year coming out of this state.

One of the many orchards in California
Rice paddy field
We drove thru some beautiful rolling landscape as we approached the coastline at Fort Bragg.
Outside of Mendocino and Fort Bragg, California

More rolling hills

Guy makes it to the Pacific Ocean

Me and the Pacific

The Redwoods . . . 
A trip to the California Coast would not be complete without seeing the giant redwoods. A stop along the road at a roadside market provided a little fun. We drove thru miles and miles of forests and even spent the night at Emerald Forest Campground near Trinidad, California . . . .   a special treat with trees so large around that it looked like our RV could almost fit inside. One tree stump at the back of our space was about 12 ft across.
Guy standing beside one of the big redwoods
Me and my new friend carved from redwood
Beneath a redwood tree

A California Rhododendron

Giant Redwood tree at our campground

This redwood stump was 12 foot across

Another large redwood stump covered with vines

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