Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Back in the USA

Back to the US of A . . .

Our trip across the border into the US was uneventful except that I lost my tomatoes. I got to keep the peaches I bought this morning, but the tomatoes had to go. Something about diseases!  

We spent our first night back in the US at a really nice new Wal-Mart in Calais Maine along with a couple of other RVer's. A very accomodating and friendly place to boondock for the evening, we picked up a pizza to cook. This was the first time I had used my convection oven and it worked like a dream.

The morning found us up too early to retrieve our guns and ammo from the gun shop, so we found a little restaurant on the river to eat a large plate of corned beef hash and eggs. This place reminded me of the movie "Grumpy Old Men". You knew this was the place that locals ate every morning, because of the banter going on between the older patrons. 
Pretty much by ourselves on the hill and neighbor below with rebel flag

tornado damage from 2011

We were on the road a few hours today so we stopped tonight in Brimfield, MA at Village Green Family Campground. It is neither Good Sam's nor Passport America, but this was a good little spot to slow down for the night. At first it looked run down but on closer observation and after talking with some of the area residents I found out the real issue. Seems that in 2011 a tornado came through and really tore the place up. You could see that there were once large trees and a nice lake. The campground used to be a lot bigger. But there is evidence that the owners are working hard to put the place back in shape. A number of campers spend the summer here and we ran into our first camper in the North with a rebel flag. Made us feel right at home.

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