Thursday, October 01, 2015

OBX or Outer Banks, NC

Making our way to OBX . . .
We had never visited the Outer Banks in our RV. Always traveling by car, we would make the whole trip in a day and barely catch the ferries on time. This time around we had our own "hotel" with us so we spent 3 days on the OBX, enough time for Guy to say he's bored and wants to move on!

Boondocking at a Walmart in Williamston, NC on our way to the Outer Banks, we didn't get much sleep. This was the loudest Walmart we've stayed at. Had to move to the other end of the parking lot to avoid the teenagers with their mufflerless hot rods.

Oregon Inlet . . .
We started our trip in the Outer Banks at the top portion and worked our way down. Spent a night at   Oregon Inlet National Park . It was hot but we spent some time with Sweet Pea on the beach exploring and picking up some beautiful shells. This was her first time at the beach. A beautiful sunset that evening and a stroll around the campground finished the day off.
Oregon Inlet Ntl Park Campground at the Golden Hour
Sweet Peas first visit to the beach - not too sure about this thing
Oregon Inlet Ntl Park Campground at dusk

End to a perfect day . . .

Hattaras Ferry . . . 
The Hattaras Ferry was a short ride but pleasant. We stayed in our RV. We took some beautiful pics of Cape Hattaras and the ride out of the bay.
Waiting on the Hattaras Ferry

Departing Cape Hattaras by Ferry boat
Passing a Ferry Boat

Ocracoke . . . 
Arriving on Ocracoke Island, we headed to our next campground at Ocracoke National Park. Both of our campgrounds had water and electricity, so we didn't suffer too much from the heat. Again, another walk on the beach - this time with being attacked by sand spurs. And another beautiful sunset. The beaches have the most beautiful sunsets I think.
Small strip of road with high sand bank to block the ocean waves
Late day at the Ocracoke Ntl Park Campground
Atlantic Ocean churning
Sunset at Ocracoke Ntl Park Campgound

The next day was spent exploring the town of Ocracoke, a nice little seaside town that reminded me of a miniature Key West. There's the Ocracoke Lighthouse, the British Cemetery and narrow streets with decorative seaside houses and shops.
Ocracoke Lighthouse

The British Cemetery

An old General Store

On the way to the Ferry Dock

Interesting Walkway
 Our Ferry ride to the mainland was longer and we had more room to explore the decks of the ferry.
Aboard the Ocracoke Ferry

Back on the Mainland . . . 
Once on the mainland we stopped in Jacksonville for a gun show and then on to Wilmington for a flea market. The gun show was smaller than I anticipated. We thought it might be bigger since it was in a marine base town. And the flea market was so hot that we left quickly and made our way to Myrtle Beach.

We were going to stop at Huntington Beach State Park, but it was much pricier than Myrtle Beach State Park (about $10 more). So Myrtle Beach was our choice for the night. This is a beautiful campground with a beach and fishing pier. Campsites are beneath tall pines so there is no shortage of shade.
Myrtle Beach State Park Fishing Pier

Myrtle Beach State Park

My allergies were bothering me so much here at the beach that we  opted to head back to the mountains early. Strange how I do better in the mountains than the beach.

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