Monday, October 19, 2015

And then there was a Ghost Town and Route 66 . . .

Barstow California's Calico Ghost Town . . .

Heading out toward Barstow, CA, we stopped at Calico Ghost Town and spent of couple of hours here stretching our legs and letting Sweet Pea get some much needed exercise. Everywhere we go she gets attention. Guy says she picks up the ladies for him. I had a pic of some ladies playing with her, but due to not getting a release I didn't put it on here.
Calico Ghost Town with a Campground
Sweet Pea attracts women for Guy

This is an old mining town that was turned into a tourist attraction. We went thru part of the old mine shaft and just explored the area. They even have a campground here.  We could have ventured further into California, but decided to save that for another time.

Route 66 . . .

Traveling out onto  old route 66  back into Arizona toward Lake Havasu we found an old cafe, some run down dilapidated and abandoned hotels and houses.
Route 66 in California

Bagdad Cafe on Rt 66

Sign telling a little about the cafe
Another sign

It used to be a motel

Explored this old house

Another old house view

Old out-building
Trouble is we managed to somehow get on a very old section of route 66 that almost shook us to death before we could find an interstate ramp to put us back onto I-40. But we did manage to see some very old homesteads and stores along the way.This old Route 66 rivaled the bad roads we traveled in some of the New England states and especially throughout Canada. This was by far worse than any of those. We rattled a few things loose in the RV. We should have turned around at the Bagdad Cafe and headed back to the interstate.
The rough road ahead

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