Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Homeward Bound

Heading home Via Houston . . .
Traders Village Flea Market in Houston provided a nice overnight stop at their campground. We thoroughly enjoyed the flea market and I almost came away with a puppy, but since I'm allergic to all dogs I suppose its best that I left it behind. They have a vendor there that has the healthiest looking pets I've ever seen at a flea market. I doubt seriously that these were puppy mill dogs. They are very particular and take great care of the little babies.

We drove the back roads thru Louisiana along the Gulf and got lost trying to find a Wal-Mart. Finally found one and spent the night - then on thru New Orleans. You can still see much of the damage that Hurricane Katrina did.

Panhandle . . .
From the Big O we drove the white coastal sands of the coastline over to Destin, FL to spend the night at another Wal-Mart. The worst storm I have ever experienced came through that night and I was sure a tornado was going to drop down and blow us away. I actually heard something that sounded like a train at one point and the next morning I heard on the news that a tornado had touched down a few miles up the road from where we were parked. I would say that we were blessed that night.

Florida Panhandle
Florida Panhandle Boats

Beach on Florida Panhandle

Lake Rousseau and Rainbow Springs . . .
Intending to go to Cedar Key, we opted instead to drive on down to Crystal River and spend a couple of days at Lake Rousseau Campground. This was a good resting place as I really needed to lay back and take it easy. I had developed a bad cold. We did visit Stokes flea market at Lecanto where we ran into my first cousin's hubby by surprise. Since I was sick we didn't try to visit family on this trip.
Lake Rousseau RV Park

Guy at Lake Rousseau

Lake Rousseau 

Lake Rousseau RV Park

Also, we visited Rainbow Springs and had a short little walk around a beautiful garden. And last but not least, we ate bbq at Loafer's Restaurant in Dunnellon - a really good meal.

Me with one of Rainbow Springs Waterfalls

Rainbow Springs
Almost home - Savannah . . .
We stopped briefly in Savannah at Keller's Flea Market, a favorite haunt of ours with old buildings and farm implements. And of course a trip thru Savannah would not be complete without at least going downtown. Since we were on a short timeframe and we have been to Savannah numerous times, we chose to follow a trolley around town to see the highlights and then drove over Talmadge Memorial Bridge for our last leg home. 
Savannah Trolley

Savannah architecture at Halloween

Talmadge Memorial Bridge

It's always good to return home. Where will our next trip take us?

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