Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ah, San Antonio - now that's a town you don't wanna miss!

The Beauty of San Antonio  . . .
The world famous Alamo
Arriving in San Antonio we stayed a couple of days at Traveler's World RV Park. A beautiful park like setting right on Roosevelt Avenue downtown, it was a great place to get a few morning and evening walks in.
Travelers World RV Resort in San Antonio
A Whirlwind Bus Tour  . . .
We were able to book a tour bus to take us all over San Antonio and show us the city and all it had to offer. David, from Alamo Trailways, was our tour guide and driver and he was simply great. He manuevered the bus around places that only an ant could go and he was so knowledgeable about the area.
Our Tour Bus - Alamo Trailways

The wonderful David - our driver and escort
We toured The Alamo first and I gotta say that I was surprised to see that it was right in the heart of downtown San Antonio. The whole town must have been built around The Alamo. It was under reconstruction when we visited. The whole left facade was being rebuilt. Originally there was so much more to this place than what we saw. There was a huge courtyard surrounding the Mission which is now gone and has been replaced with large stores, streets and a large obelisk type statue honoring the many soldiers who lost their lives here. And of course we found a little possum hiding among the foliage beneath a large tree in the courtyard.
Me at The Alamo

Outside one of the Alamo Courtyards

A sweet little possum trying to hide 
Showing the Alamo with construction on the left side
We spent some time at the San Juan Mission, a very beautiful structure with fabulous old carvings in the walls and doors. Also Mission Concepcion was a very pleasant stop. This was a much smaller Mission than San Juan.
Mission San Juan

Door to Mission San Juan was carved with messages from early travelers

Inside the Chapel of Mission San Juan
Mission Concepcion
Downtown time was spent at a very colorfull marketplace, walking around as well as riding the boats on the Riverwalk, visiting the Buckhorn Saloon and Wild West Museum and of course lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe.
Lunch and Beer at Hard Rock Cafe

The eyes have it . . 

The Marketplace
A stop at the Japanese Sunken Gardens was one of the last stops on our tour. This also is under reconstruction and they had just filled half of the ponds with water - no fish yet. The gardens are a beautiful cool respite in the middle of a hot day as was the Riverwalk ride.

Super large Pagoda at Japaanese Garden
Japanese Sunken Gardens
Tune in to our next adventure . . .

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