Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Chattanooga, TN Adventure and our New Family Member

The Old Abandoned Cargill Flour Mill on the Tennessee River

Chattanooga Boondocking . . .
We set out for Chattanooga Tennessee on Sunday. Arriving late in the day, we stayed at a Walmart on Gunbarrel Rd. This was a great place to stay with security patrolling the parking lot all night. We felt safe. There was a variety of restaurants and shops to go thru, so our time was well spent.

Southern Belle . . .
The following day we went downtown into Chattanooga. We had previously been here to tour Rock City and Ruby Falls which are both great side trips, but this time we wanted to experience some other venues. Much of the day was spent riding the Southern Belle, a riverboat, docked down on the Tennessee River. A long lazy ride down to the dam and locks, past beautiful homes, parks, old mills and Civil War battle sites, while we were entertained by a musician and story teller. He told stories of  many Civil War Battles that went on here. A very enjoyable and relaxing experience.

The Southern Bell Landing
Back Deck of the Southern Belle

Locks on the Tennessee River

Our entertainer on the upper deck

Another view of the Cargill Mill

Raccoon Mountain . . . 
We spent two nights at Raccoon Mountain Campground and Caverns, a nice place sitting amongst the trees and located at the entrance to Raccoon Caverns. Our tour thru the caverns lasted about 45 minutes and it was beautiful and cool down there with all kinds of nice rock formations. There is a longer tour which encompasses crawling thru the tight fitting rocks. This is for the more adventuresome folks and I'm assuming younger crowd as well. I'm much too claustrophobic to try this one.
Raccoon Mountain
Our Lexie parked at Raccoon Mountain

The Restaurant, Gem Mine and entrance to the Caverns

Old Gondola that was used for taking hang gliders to the top of the mountain in years past

Rock formation inside the cavern
Rock formation above pool
Chattanooga Choo Choo . . . 
A visit to the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel was in our schedule - a beautiful old restored train station with numerous train cars used as hotel rooms. Very much impressed with the beauty and grandeur of this historical place. We were hoping to get a lunch here but the dining room was not serving today.
Sign on the hotel
Me and the train
Dining Room
Lobby area

Passenger car used as a hotel room
A little military history
Our New Baby, Sweet Pea . . . 
And of course before we departed we found our little "Sweet Pea", a little 3 mth old yorkie poo. This is a pic on her first night with us. The campground hosts lent us a large box to put her in for the night, but she ended up in our bed. What can I say . . .
1st night - all alone in her makeshift bed, Sweet Pea
3 mths old - so small and so sweet

Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

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