Friday, November 14, 2014

Over the Silverton Mountains

Stunning Colorado . . .
Oh my, what a trip . . . Over mountains and streams, through snow and colorful yellow Aspens, around bends and down into dark valleys we drove through the day stopping to catch glimpses of unimaginable beauty. So many photos taken that I can't decide what to add to this blog.
Starting up thru the mountains

Me on the side of the road acting like a photographer
We started our drive with just a bit of color showing but as we progressed we saw more bright hues as well as snow. Guy loves to take pics of me and of course I hate it so he wouldn't be happy if I didn't include some of his photos as well as mine.

One of the tunnels we went thru

Another tunnel

A very steep dropoff
Some very hairy driving along Hwy 550 with very steep dropoffs and tight curves made for a few rattled nerves at the end of the day. But it was an exhilarating experience. And of course one of the most beautiful sights was the overlook at Silverton below.

Overlooking Silverton

We met some nice folks along the trek, each one oohing and aahing over the scenery. As beautiful as NC is, I think Colorado has it beat. After leaving Silverton we went thru Ouray, an old town with steaming hot springs.
Ouray, Colorado

Road to Moab . . .
Then we had to make it over the next mountain range into Utah. Now that was an experience in itself. The road started out as a nice 2-lane road but as we went further up the mountain it turned into a very narrow 1.5 lane road of very loose paved gravel with warning signs for motorcycles. The pictures below do not do that trek justice as I was too scared and holding on for dear life up that mountain to try taking pics. So sorry, I'll just leave this to your imagination.

The mtns yet to cross from Ouray to Moab

Scene below the last mountain to cross and some of the mountain road we navigated.

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