Monday, February 01, 2010

Squirrels playing house

Silly squirrels playing house this morning in the new snow. I have at least 9 white squirrels who frequent my yard and feeders every day. They were absent yesterday. Maybe they were holed up in there nest eating acorns? I don't know. But they are out today in full force. Trying to snap a photo of all of them together is rather difficult. So when I saw these two together, it was a perfect opportunity.

We had about 10 inches of snowfall and the mountain road has not been scraped as yet. Great day to stay home, snuggle in at the picture window and just observe the wonder of nature in my yard.


  1. This is a wonderful photo! I've never heard of white squirrels (guess I really should get out more :-)

  2. Teresa, white squirrels are plentiful in the mountains around Brevard, NC. And these are true white squirrels, not albinos.