Thursday, September 25, 2008

oh my, a bear

What do you suppose I would almost run into with my car on my way home today . . . a very large black bear. I rounded a corner, and there he was, looking straight at me. I managed to come to a stop about 15 feet from him. He startled and ran across the road into a field while I anxiously plummaged thru my bag for the camera. By the time I found the camera he was already in a field of tall grasses and fall flowers. Such a beautiful sight!

Here in the Western North Carolina Mountains we have numerous wildlife that we frequently have crossing our paths and each time I see something as magnificent as this black bear, I am in total awe. There have been so many new homes built here in the last few years and we are gradually encroaching on there territory. It's sad.

I really must take time to study and paint this magnificent creature.

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